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Queen Venerator

Nov 23, 2022

We're officially back from our extended leave, and it's Brad's turn to run down his mixtape of songs he listened to pre-high school. Whereas Sean's "mixtape" was predicibly pretty cool all things considered, Brad's mixtape is... not. Enjoy?

Topics Discussed:

  • The inevitably lengthy discussion of the Sick New World tour
  • Disassembling computer towers to burn an American Hi-Fi song
  • The profundity of “Understanding in a Car Crash”
  • Is it pronounced “Alex is on Fire” or “Alexis on Fire”?
  • Did any musician age worse than The Streets?
  • The Zach Slow, Jelly Donut, and Lady Sovereign saga
  • The Toadies vs. Oasis battle at Brad’s high school
  • The time Brad got in trouble because of Fatboy Slim
  • The time Brad and his friend got in trouble because of Ludacris
  • The highs and lows of the turntablism genre
  • Rahzel making the music with his mouth
  • A terrifying electronic music video
  • And, of course, Methods of Mayhem