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Queen Venerator

Aug 16, 2023

We're back after a month away, and we're coming in hot with an expanded format. It's basically just smashing the long and short shows together into one thing, but it sounds more professional if you talk about formatting. That of course doesn't mean that the talk about nonsense garbage has stopped, or really been focused in any way, as this one goes everywhere.

We talk about the oft-maligned 1996 Jerry O'Connell vehicle Joe's Apartment, the oeuvre of MTV Films in general, Keebler's discontinued line of pizza chips, the fact that we're apparently the number one source for information on the song "Strut" by Steven Seagal and Lady Saw, the 1986 Nico Mastorakis film The Zero Boys starring Kelli Maroney and Joe Estevez, the song "Destination Understanding" from Island of Death, new music from Novatron, Home Front, and Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall, the 1991 song "Joyride (I Saw the Film)" by Tribe, and the recent passing of noted director/wonderful maniac William Friedkin.

Finally, in our main event, we discuss Sean's pick for this show: the 1982 John Frankenheimer movie The Challenge, a star-studded affair scored by Jerry Goldsmith, written by John Sayles, and starring Toshiro Mifune (and Scott Glenn, but you know... Mifune). Despite being loaded on all fronts with talent, the film flopped due to being absolutely swallowed up by the unreal number of megahits released in the summer of 1982. A true shame because this is a really good movie, and we think this is a really good episode. Enjoy?