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Queen Venerator

Dec 21, 2022

This is part two of our discussion of the August 12th, 1989 edition of Memphis Wrestling TV. It is time for our main event, and my god is it a winner. Our main event sees "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel square off against Nightmare Freddie aka a Ric Flair rip-off gimmick vs. a guy in a Freddy Krueger costume, and yes it is as glorious as the description makes it out to be.

Does it take five minutes for an actual move to be performed in this wrestling match? Yes.

Is Freddy the good guy here? Of course he is.

Is Buddy hungover? Almost certainly. 

Is there a run-in by Jason Voorhees? POSSIBLY.

Also, as this is still Queen Venerator, we also discuss Arby's, Wendy's, the American Yakuza film series, and the many sports films of Ron Shelton. Good stuff.