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Queen Venerator

Sep 28, 2022

We're back with Brad's pick on this episode of Queen Venerator. This time, we discuss the ramshackle 1987 post-punk album Guitars of the Oceanic Undergrowth by the band Honolulu Mountain Daffodils aka the most obscure album he could find apparently. Seriously, this album was actually trying to stay off the world's collective radar at the time, and it seems to have succeeded here in 2022.

The brainchild of Adrian Borland, guitarist for gothic new wave band The Sound, this album (and project as a whole really) was made out of drunken spite with a backing band of untrained musicians who were also Borland's drinking buddies. The results are either better than that description sounds or as rad as that description sounds depending on your disposition. 

We dive into what scant information there is about this band, as well as some talk of reggae and our typical ramblings. Good stuff.