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Queen Venerator

Feb 28, 2024

The podcast is back at full strength as Sean returns to the co-chair on this one. You would think all that time away would give us time to find new and exciting things to talk about, but thankfully we immediately fall back into our habit of talking about garbage no one has cared about for literal decades.

This time...

Feb 12, 2024

We're back after a four month hiatus to bring you our list of the top 100 albums of 2023. Is it, at bare minimum, a month and a half late? Yes. By "we" do we mean "just Brad because Sean wouldn't want any part of this nonsense"? Yes again. But whatever, we're doing it anyway.

It has been another great year for music,...

Oct 12, 2023

We're back with part one of our October horror movie shows. Up first is Brad's pick: the 2003 action/thriller/horror movie 2LDK. We get into the unique origins of the film, the movie's extreme cattiness, and what happens when you're possibly under the thrawl of a bird god in your apartment.



Oct 5, 2023

It's October, so you know what that means: we talk about what our names would be if we were in the 80's punk gang from the movie Twice Dead.






Sep 28, 2023

It's an action packed episode of Queen Venerator this time around as we discuss a ton of stuff. We open with a super sized edition of Sean's Tubi Corner, as Sean talks about watching the 1995 Casper movie, both Vacancy movies, Grave Encounters 2, and 2000 Maniacs, a gore classic by H.G. Lewis, a guy neither Sean nor...