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Queen Venerator

Mar 31, 2023

Brad forgot to pay the remote recording subscription this month because he is dumb, so please enjoy Sean discussing how Tubi keeps recommending him 2000's thrillers on this bonus clip.




Mar 24, 2023

Topics Discussed:

  • The Wing Commander series of games
  • The short lived USA show G vs. E
  • Sean saw Scream VI
  • The Quarry, Until Dawn, and Supermassive Games
  • The ABC animated Pac-Man cartoon
  • Sean's severe case of Pac-Man Fever
  • "Mesozoic Mind" by Charmer
  • Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas
  • Converting VHS tapes and the miasma of the...

Mar 17, 2023

On this episode, we got distracted talking about other stuff and just started talking about cookies for 20 minutes. We even found a questionable tier list and created what is certainly the definitive cookie ranking of our time. Spoiler Warning: grocery store sugar cookies are garbage that belongs in a landfill...

Mar 10, 2023

Yep. No episode this week. I want to scream.

Mar 3, 2023

Due to some late breaking tech issues, we are digging deep in the vaults to bring you an episode from our old feed. Originally released in 2018, this episode sees Sean, Brad, and former guest Steve discuss the 1961 William Castle movie Mr. Sardonicus, the tender story of curing a ghoul of facial paralysis through the...