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Queen Venerator

Apr 15, 2024

Mother Earth tried to stop this episode from coming out, but we are back after yet another extended absence. Yes, this episode was so powerful the gods tried to silence it by knocking out the power THREE TIMES during this recording.

But despite Sean's audio being dealt a mortal wound (it's fine, you'll get over it), we got this thing across the finish line, and this time Sean brought a heater of a topic: "Go to the Head of the Class", the infamous season two episode Steven Spielberg's NBC anthology show Amazing Stories.

This episode stars Mary Stuart Masterson, podcast spectre Tom Bresnahan, and Christopher Lloyd as the insane Professor Beans. Not only that, but it has Robert Zemeckis directing AND Stan Winston doing special effects. A true murderer's row on display here.

And what has brought these titans together? A little story about satanic panic, severed heads, and SEX! This one's a wild ride for sure, but as is tradition on this show, Brad and Sean get caught up in what punk stickers adorn our hero's totally accurate, not a Hollywood invention in any way Super Rad Bedroom.

It all culminates in a very Brad rant about how awful prestige television is and how it has taken away the good things about television, like Earth 2 and Manimal.

We also discuss the various music challenges we've undertaken (and in Brad's case, failed at) in recent weeks, hot dog relishes, and winning at fake slots.

We even premiere a new segment on the show: our semi-regular (?) Detroit Lions update called Honolulu Blue Notes. However, even when talking about the Lions, the two manage to discuss Raiders QB Aidan O'Connell and how he looks like he hangs out at the all-night gas station at 4AM. 

Its a good show, so check it out.